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Chiropractic and Nutritional Health Services

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Chiropractic Adjustment

Diversified Technique- Most common and widely used in Chiropractic

Here at Good Family Chiropractic we practice diversified chiropractic. Diversified chiropractic is the process of the "adjustment" or joint manipulation. It is a small force applied to a specific joint or segment. It is known as the high velocity low amplitude (HVLA) adjustment which means it is quick (high velocity) but only moves a short distance (mm to cm-low amplitude). HVLA is what can cause the "popping" sound which is actually caused by a vacuum effect in the joint, like pulling a cork out of a bottle.

These adjustments allows for better movement and alignment of the joints being treated. Dr. Good and Dr. Peterson are both highly trained in multiple techniques using both manual and instrument assisted adjustments.

Spinal Decompression

Flexion-Traction, Flexion-Distraction, The COX technique

Spinal decompression is helpful to a wide variety of chiropractic patients. This technique uses a combination of doctor hand skills and a specialized table to decompress the spine one segment at a time. This technique treats everything from minor neck and back pain to spinal stenosis and nerve root impingement causing pain and numbness into the legs and arms. Dr. Good has practiced this technique over 40 years and Dr. Peterson has practiced this technique working for the University of Buffalo Neurosurgery treating pre- and post-surgical patients. 

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Myofascial (muscle-tendon) release, Kaufman Technique, "medical massage", percussion, Instrument assisted (Arthro-stim)

There are many ways to treat the body's soft tissue (muscle, tendon, ligament) just as there are many complaints a patient can have involving their soft tissues. Many involve the use of advanced knowledge of anatomy, neurology, and bio-mechanics in a manual fashion with or without the use of specialized tools and instraments to increase function, mobility, and decrease pain.  

Nutritional Health Services

Nutritional screening, planning, and in-stock products from Standard Process, Nutritional Frontiers, Biotics, Metagenics, Nutri-Spec, Douglas Labs and select others

Nutritional services have been a corner stone of health and wellness at Good Family Chiropractic for over 35 years. Dr. Good has loved his career long pursuit of better health utilizing nutritional supplementation and the ability of the body to heal when properly facilitated. 

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