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DOT Physical Exam

Is a DOT Physical Exam needed?

Department of Transportation (DOT) "fitness for duty" physical examinations must be performed by a registered medical examiner as listed on the National Registry

  • Commercial Drivers License application/renewal (usually over 26,000 GVW)
  • Anyone that drives a vehicle or combination over 10,000 lbs for compensation (income) Examples: Tow trucks, Box trucks, small business truck/trailer combinations
  • Further explanation of driving only in Pennsylvania see: PA DMV
  • Further explanation of driving across state borders see: FMCSA
  • Helpful note: DOT Numbers on commercial vehicles can be required under 26,000lbs GVW, even anything over 10,000 GVW in some states.

Prepare for

DOT Physical


Bring with you:

  • State photo Driver's License
  • State photo commercial Driver's License (CDL) if applicable
  • Payment in either Cash or Check (We currently do not accept Credit/Debit cards)
  • Previous DOT medical certificate if applicable
  • Complete medication list (prescription, over-the-counter, and supplements)
  • Any relevant medical report from primary care physician/specialist/surgeon
  • You may fill out the first two pages of the DOT Report Form and bring it with you or we will have blank copies you may complete while here.

The DOT Physical Exam

The exam consists mainly of:

  • Health history review
  • Medications review
  • Hearing and Vision screening
  • 14-point physical exam
  • Urinalysis (not the drug/alcohol test)

DOT Physical exam Certificate

After you have passed all sections of the exam and all medical information is available you can be issued your DOT Medical Examiner's Certificate the same day as your exam.

Ross T. Peterson,

Doctor of Chiropractic, FMCSA Certified Medical Examiner

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